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Alenquer, Portugal

Wine House | Hospitality | Competition

2020 | MArch

Sketching | Sketchup | Lumion | Photoshop | Illustrator 

Concept | Design Development | 3D modelling | 2D Drawings | Rendering | Post-editing | Board Layout

Builder: Monte D'Oiro Wine Tasting Room

Third Place | Student Award

         What if we embody the wine process, from farming to tasting, into architecture? Wine tasting is the culmination of a delicate and extensive process, which we summarized into three main steps: cultivation, fermentation, and aging. The French phrase "Gout de Terroir" defines the perfect environmental conditions in which grapes are grown, such as soil and climate, giving the wine its unique flavor and aroma. To achieve these perfect planting conditions, stony soil, controlled watering, mild weather, proper sun exposure, and ventilation are essential. These elements will bring to life a plant in which anatomy creates the perfect environment for the fruit's growth. Its stem suspend the foliage from the ground drawing shadow to the grapes that will later transform into wine. These layering elements will bring to life our proposal the same way they do to wine. From below, a stony submerged platform will become the base for the emerging space; the same way soil becomes the foundation for seed germination. Within it, a pond representing the element of water. The plant foliage takes shape as a suspended object over its stem, and this will evolve as a symbol of the "farming to wine" transformation. First, the floating shape will become a representation of a wooden barrel containing grapes in its fermentation process. Then, the volume takes the shape of a Portuguese typical vineyard architecture to store and start the wine aging process. The final "house" shape will veil on white to reveal the duality between the typical vinery structure and the contemporary minimal Portuguese architecture.

              Visitors will immerse themselves into a sensorial experience by submerging below the ground level through a ramp that directs them into a panoramic wine tasting room. Inside, "Gout de Terroir" main elements will be present: rock, water, air, and above, the floating element that reminds of the treetop. The suspended space will be home to thousands of ready-to-tasting wines, controlled temperature, and no sun exposure. A long storage, bathroom, and kitchen core serves to a minimal table where 30 visitors can enjoy their wine tasting experience while contemplating the breathtaking vineyard field views. This proposal embodies the wine process, from the growing environment to the tasting table.



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