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Casa Betania






Comerío, Puerto Rico

Residential | Intervention | Conservation


Sketchup | Lumion | Photoshop 

Concept | Design Development | Rendering | Post-editing 

        The design of Finca Betania was intended to achieve the preservation of an old wooden house with the addition of a modern extension. Witnessing the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017, which left half of the original structure in ruins, we felt a deep sense of responsibility to honor the past while envisioning a vibrant future through thoughtful renovation.

       Crafted from white painted concrete, the new extension stands as a testament to our commitment to minimalism and innovation, embodying the very essence of contemporary design. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic create a captivating contrast against the traditional wooden architecture, forming a compelling architectural dialogue that celebrates both the resilience of the past and the limitless possibilities of the present.

       We wove together the old and new, cherishing the historical character and soul of the original wooden house while infusing it with cutting-edge design principles. The harmonious interplay between tradition and modernity gives rise to an enchanting space that invites contemplation and sparks a profound sense of wonder.

Casa Betania

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