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Ceiba, Puerto Rico

Institutional | Educational | Lab | RFP 


Sketching | Revit | Sketchup | Lumion | Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign 

Concept | Design Development | 3D modelling | 2D Drawings | Rendering | Post-editing | Board Layout 

Partner Studio

        MBRIC is a  Marine Biology Research and Innovative Center that seeks to create an ecosystem for the development of the maritime economy in the Caribbean. To achieve this, we have established four main objectives: interaction with the community, consideration of the environment, public/private use, sustainability, and well-being. We have created a public walkway that connects the shoreline to the building, enabling local residents to engage in water activities and social interactions.

       To protect the building from potential flooding, we have situated the parking lot and vehicle storage on the lower level, while the rest of the program occupies the upper levels. Within the building, we have divided the spaces into common and private areas, interconnected by bridges and terraces. The manipulation of natural light, materiality, and visual and physical connections play significant roles in ensuring the well-being of researchers. The architecture and design draw inspiration from coral reefs and local vegetation, aiming to create an iconic center for maritime research.



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