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Rosales Student Housing







Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mix-Use |  Residential | Hospitality

2019 | MArch

Sketching | Sketchup | Lumion | Photoshop | Illustrator | Rhino

Concept | Design Development | 3D modelling | 2D Drawings | Construction Documentation | Rendering | Post-editing | Board Layout 

Robin Planas | Jose Caro

          In the past, the city of Rio Piedras, was one of the main active zones in Puerto Rico. The city and the University of Puerto Rico were organized in a away that they were part of the same composition. They were one. However, with the arrival of the vehicle, the development of new buildings on campus that do not communicate with the city nor the street, lead to the disintegration of the city, turning it to an unsafe area with little activity. 

         Rosales, is part of a masterplan that seeks to revitalize and expand the limits of the University of Puerto Rico, to create a gradient and articulation between the University of Puerto Rico and the city of Rio Piedras to promote an interaction between both of them. By inserting buildings with a related program to the institution, in strategic points, we force the student community to move through the site and explore the town of Rio Piedras. Each strategic point is accompanied by an active plaza that would hold a program that compliments the building. Such as, food trucks, theater area, movie nights, study spaces, food events and other activities. This focal point begins at La Gandara avenue where, there is no facades looking to the street. Therefore, we start to create public spaces to connect the two zones visually. Also, the sidewalks would increase in the street and across all the site to create a more pleasant feeling while walking. The second plaza would be at the “star intersection” where there is the main proposed building, and other structures focus to restaurant and shops program. This proposed building would have a mix-use consisting of commercial use, residential and student housing.  

          With this new proposal, not only the students will be aware of all the things Rio Piedras has to offer but they will also start interacting with the people who live and work there. This would offer the possibility to turn it into the pedestrian safe, commercial and college city it once were. In the masterplan, Rosales is located at the intersection between the entrance of the city of Rio Piedras and the nearest entrance from the University of Puerto Rico, at Rosales street. This mix use building is home to coffee shops, library, study rooms and offices in its first two floors, looking to an accessible plaza to the public, designated to attract the university community. The next levels are aimed at residential housing for students, which it haves a series of green terraces and balconies, to always have a visual connection to the city of Rio Piedras.


Rosales Student Housing

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