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A Path Through Fashion








Bologna, Italy

Fashion Hub | Business | Competition

2018 | B.Arch

Sketching | Rhino | V-Ray | Photoshop | Illustrator 

Concept | Design Development | 2D Drawings | Rendering | Post-editing | Board Layout | Storytelling

YAC: Italian Fashion Hub

Francisco Rodriguez | Rafael Vargas

            Centergross is the capital of fast fashion in Italy and the world. The aim of this project consists of giving a new image to it, to match the innovative work that goes in its interior. This proposal divides into three phases. These aspects being the construction of the main structure, the intervention of the secondary buildings and the urban design. Fashion is a concept that has always been in constant change and innovation. It requires a design process where we conceptualize it, makes it, produces it, and sell it. As a result, the chain of nine buildings becomes a narrative that reflects the design process. A Path Through Fashion is a project whose interior form and program are in constant transformation. Connected by a pedestrian runway, it gives the user a changing experience. The visitor only appreciates the project when moves through it. Also, this morphological transition projects to the skin and the roof terraces of the buildings. The first one becomes the new image and first impression of Centergross. An elegant perforated layer designed to project the movement of fashion. The unified nine buildings take advantage of the natural light. Therefore, the spectator can witness the presence that reflects the project. Either by pedestrian, vehicular or air transportation.


A Path Through Fashion

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